Thursday, July 30, 2009

Features For Consumers

For some time now we have had a Features List for agents and agencies. We thought it was about time to add a list of Features For Consumers. Below is a list of features intended specifically for consumers and to assist them with their hunt for open houses. Links in the list refer to blog entries describing the feature in detail. First, the basic search:

From the home page click the Search link on the left. No need to sign in. From the OpenHomez Search Page you can search by Zip code or city name or you can simply select from the list of Zip codes below the search box. The numbers in parenthesis next to the Zip codes are the number of active open houses in that Zip code.

Search Results Page
Your search will likely take you to a search results page where a list of properties matching your search are displayed. You can view the detailed listing by clicking on the thumbnail picture of the property or on the address. But wait, there's more!

  • Hovering - Hover over the thumbnail picture or the icon following the address and you will see a preview of property listing.

  • RSS Feeds of Search - Near the top of the page you will see the familiar RSS feed icon (). Clicking on this link will provide you the results of your search in RSS format. You can use this link in any RSS reader to view your search results.

  • Download Map/GPS Data - By clicking on the Download link on the Search Page (in the text near the top of the page) you can download a file suitable for uploading into your favorite mapping program or your GPS.

  • Map Your Search - By clicking on the map link on the Search Page (in the text near the top of the page) you can create a Google Map of your search results.

  • Share Your Search - By clicking on the button on the left under the menu you can share the results of this search on over 50 social networks. You can also print or email the results of the search.

  • Get Notified - At the bottom of the Search Results page you will see a chicklet. If you click on this icon you will automatically be notified of changes in this search.

  • Options - are presented in the form of icons at the end of individual listing in your search results. Click on the icon to view the listing, click on the icon to download map/gps data for this listing, or click on the icon to download this listing to your calendar.

Options When Viewing A Listing
When you are viewing an individual listing you have several other options. Here are a few.

  • Map & Driving Directions - Click on this link to map and acquire directions to the property.

  • Download to GPS - Download the listing to your GPS.

  • Download to Calendar - Download this open house information to your calendar.

  • Tweet/ReTweet - Use the Tweet/Retweet chicklet to send this listing to your Twitter account using TweetMeMe.

  • Dwellicious - Use the Dwellicious chicklet to add this listing to the Dwellicious Real Estate social bookmarking site.

  • Share The Listing - Use the Share chicklet to email, print, or share this listing to multiple social sites.

There are more features coming. Come back to this list often or just browse the and experiment with each of the features.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sharing A Listing And Social Bookmarking

We've now added a social bookmarking and sharing button from AddThis to each listing. Not only does the button allow viewers to add the listing to over 60 social sites, it also allows the viewer to bookmark, print, and email the listing. The button appears near the bottom of each listing page.

We have also added this Share Button to the right sidebar of this blog. Check it out for yourself. It's over there ======>

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now You Can Search By City Too!

Prior to today search options only allow Zip code searches. Today we added the ability to search for upcoming open houses by City Name. As with the Zip code search you can use the "%" as a wild card in your search. That is, you can either enter the entire City Name such as "Sacramento" to get all the upcoming open houses in Sacramento or you could enter a search of "Sac%" which would return all the open houses in all cities starting with "sac".

A word of caution, there are hundreds of open houses in some cities. Searching by City Name may yield a large number of open houses and the results may take some time to return.

Go ahead. Give the new Search a try.

Monday, July 20, 2009

OH - Dwellicious is a real estate social networking site that allows you to organize, share, and discuss specific properties. Today we added a Dwellicious chiclet to each listing. When a listing is viewed the viewer has the option of clicking on the chicklet and tagging the property on there by exposing the listing to the real estate social networking community and providing more eyeballs for your listings. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

OH - FriendFeed

Today we added a FriendFeed Group for open houses providing another location on the Internet where your listings will be published. Subscribe to me on FriendFeed

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OH - Technorati listings are now featured on Technorati. Yet another place where your open house listings are displayed on the Web. The more eyeballs the better.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 listings now appear on, an International classified ads search engine. Please visit to view their classified ads. You can find a complete list of listings on here.